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SAFE Harbor Program

We provide a safe housing alternative where women are empowered to become self-sufficient and reduce barriers to obtain permanent housing.

Safe Harbor Program

Safe Harbor at Fairbridge is an alcohol and drug free, 34 single room occupancy (SRO), 12-month women's self-sufficiency program. Through Case Management and support, women are empowered to overcome individual barriers, build strengths and skills, and obtain permanent housing placement and long-term retention. Successful completion of the program is dependent on placement into permanent housing. Accommodations are made if the 12-month period is not sufficient.

Safe Harbor believes that when women are surrounded by the positive strengths-based support they need in a safe environment, they are able to set goals and build the skills and strengths needed to achieve personal stability and independence.   


$45 screening fee
$25 security deposit
$395 monthly program fee


This is the first year of the Safe Harbor Program and data is still being collected for current participants. 

Safe Harbor has had four permanent placements into housing in the last quarter. 


To apply, an individual must be successfully participating in case management at SAFES or any partner agency.  The individual must be referred by the agency in which they are engaged in services.

Please read the eligibility and referrals section on the application prior to submitting.

Safe Harbor Application

Safe Harbor Referral Form



Questions? Please contact:

Kristi Bugge, Operations Manager

Laurel Willi, Safe Harbor Advocate


Take a tour through one of our Safe Harbor rooms



Empower Women to Achieve and Maintain Overall Health and Social Systems
Initially all program participants? physical, mental, social and spiritual needs are assessed.  Then staff Advocates work with them in setting and achieving goals outlined in their Individual Case Plan.  Advocates also provide references to appropriate community resources to provide additional support systems. 

Empower Women to Achieve Self-Sufficiency
Participants are expected to work on their Individual Case Plan goals and to participate in group activities and monthly house meetings. 

Empower Women to Reduce Legal and Other Barriers in Order to Maintain and/or Obtain Other Permanent Housing.  
All program participants are assessed for legal (e.g. convictions) and other barriers (e.g. evictions) that pose challenges in acquiring permanent housing.  These barriers are addressed in their Individual Case Plans.  For example, participants who have been evicted will establish the goal of attending Rent Well Classes to work on reducing housing barriers. 

Support Participants in Maintaining Permanent Housing
Safe Harbor offers on-going support services that are aimed at successful program completion and the acquisition of permanent housing.


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